Let’s reduce the marine litter ENSAMBLE! – competition closed

The online contest aimed at first and second grade schools “Let’s reduce the marine litter ENSAMBLE” has ended. The idea born in the wake of the educational video created by Legambiente Toscana to spread good practices aimed at reducing marine litter, through awareness-raising, recycling, reuse activities and correct delivery of waste. The contest was attended by 7 schools from Viareggio, … Read More


As part of the ENSAMBLE project, fishermen from Grosseto (Cooperativa San Leopoldo and Cooperativa Spidy), Viareggio (Cittadella della Pesca) and Elba Island have mobilized an initiative dedicated to the sighting of waste in the Tuscan sea. Unfortunately, the materials encountered during this mission were varied and abundant: from masks to pieces of paper, from plastic cups to old abandoned nets, … Read More

Let’s reduce the marine litter “ensamble” – contest for schools

The “marine litter” emergency has assumed globally alarming proportions, even touching our “small” Mediterranean Sea, which constitutes less than 1% of the “blue” surface of the Planet but which it is also the sixth waste accumulation area in the world, despite being one of the 25 hot spot of biodiversity, The sources from which these materials come are different and … Read More

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