Ideas of development projects of pescatourism and ittitourism in Corsica and Tunisia


Fishing tourism, culture, heritage and land-sea link


Municipality of Propriano (Corsica) - Port of Propriano
Municipality of Pianottoli Cardarello (Corsica) - Port of Pianotolli


Project leader:

  • Jean Louis Duval, Professional fisherman in the port of Propriano
  • François Gianetti, professional fisherman in the port of Propriano
  • Nicola Nuvoli, fisherman in the port of Pianotolli (Commune of Bonifacio)

Partner: GALPA of Corsica

The project of the 3 fishermen consists in the installation of fishing tourism equipment on boats, to respect the obligations of French legislation.
The fishermen were supported in the constitution of a financing document for the Corsican GALPA and in the drafting of administrative questions to be addressed to maritime affairs (Provincial Directorate of the Territory and the Sea of Southern Corsica).
The projects presented by individual fishermen to the Galpa Selection Council were filed in September 2020 and approved by the committee in March 2021.

Ittitourism, tasting of fishing products


Propriano - Corsica - France


Project manager: Jean Louis Duval (chief fisherman)


The idea of this project is to offer a "table d'hôte" as an extension of fishing tourism, to offer tastings of fishery products and accommodation at the fisherman's house.
The service will initially be offered to a maximum of 10 people.
The types of dishes will be:

  • Whole grilled fish or fish steak accompanied by potatoes and / or local vegetation
  • Fish soup
  • Local wine

Meals will be prepared by the fisherman's wife.

Culture and heritage


Propriano - Corsica - Francia


Project manager: Valinco Fishermen's Association - Antoine Duval President, Municipality of Propriano
Involved subjects: Valinco Territorial and Rural Equilibrium Center, GALPA of Corsica


Realization of a feasibility study for the creation of a museum and interpretation center of the maritime heritage of Valinco in 3 phases:

  • Conception of the general museographic program and of the scenography
  • Estimate of development and layout costs
  • Proposal of the economic model

The "Center of interpretation sur la pratique de la pêche en mer artisanale (CIVPPA)" will be built in a small room in the port made available to the Valinco fishermen's association by the Municipality of Propriano, where there are archival equipment and materials that tell the story of fishing and the city.
However, the functioning of the CIVPPA must be studied so that the room is functional to the design idea.

Gastronomic heritage


Valinco area


Project leader: PETR del Valinco in partnership with Petra Patrimonia

Partnership hypothesis: A university of agricultural research or a service of a local authority in charge of agriculture and / or fishing, GALPA

Countries involved: Corsica, Italy, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, Croatia


The project’s idea is to enhance the territories through the complementarity of land and sea products, strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of the local actors of the rural and maritime sector and increasing their skills in terms of valorising of productions (sustainable marketing concept, role of communication and storytelling, rules of food hygiene and safety, product’s transformation, business model of transformation activities, commercial marketing techniques ...) so as to become ambassadors of the products of the land and the sea.
Specifically, the objectives are:

  • Build a training content that strengthens the capacities of local actors to train mentors (local ambassadors) of land and sea products.
  • Develop educational content for actors working in agricultural and maritime companies to establish discovery circuits of TerraMare products with the participation of mentors.
  • Develop an online tool to benefit from the training contents and discover their capitalization in the implementation of the discovery circuits of terrestrial and marine products.


Fishing tourism / ittitourism


Tabarka - Tunisia


Project manager: Tabarka Small-scale Fishing Group represented by the President Imed Triki.

Realities involved: Tabarka fishing district, Inter-professional group of fishery products (GIPP), Merchant marine


In this project, the artisanal fishermen try to move towards the diversification of fishing, improving the catering services already practiced in the territory of Maloula. At the same time they work on the creation of new fish products, transforming unsold fish and shellfish into products of high commercial value.
Among those already made at an experimental level: canned bonito; processed fish balls.

Sustainable marittime tourism


Tabarka – Tunisia


Project manager: Stella del Mare company represented by Aymen Ayadi.

Realities involved: Tabarka municipality, Tabarka fishing school.


The aim of the project is to create an underwater educational trail in Tabarka, in the heart of the city, in order to raise awareness of visitors, swimmers or schoolchildren on the importance of Tunisian marine biodiversity and discover, in safety, the incredible diversity of marine landscapes, their richness of fauna, flora and habitat, emphasizing land-sea relationships.
By doing so, it becomes possible to channel the flow of tourist visits to the site, allowing better control of the density of people present and thus reducing their impact.

Sustainable terrestrial and marine ecotourism


Tabarka / Ain Drahem - Tunisia


Project manager: Rania Mechergui (manager) & Skander Rekik (partner)
Realities involved:

  • Financial partners: Fekra tounisia, OIF, Arab Tunisian Bank
  • Technical partners: DSF, LAB'ESS, CEFA, COSPE, travel agencies, hotels, Forestry General Management, Local Associations, Tabarka Nautical Club, ONTT, ONA, WWF, University of Bologna


A social and solidarity enterprise created in 2015, which aims to develop the ancestral know-how of rural women, as well as local heritage and cultural specificities, and which today brings together about forty local artisans and producers.
The objectives of the Dar El Ain initiative are the creation of eco-tourist hiking circuits and the establishment of an eco-tourist center where eco-tourism activities are a source of income for the local population.

Agrotourism / culinary heritage


Bou Argoub-Haouaria – Tunisia


Project manager: Mohamed and Malek AYED.

Subjects involved: Regional Commissioner for Agricultural Development, Direction of Organic Agriculture, Tourist Office


A family project based on vegetable and animal agricultural production, as well as on the transformation of these products according to a traditional method.
Visitors will find menus designed to discover traditional and rustic cuisine, specific dishes of the region, tastings of local products, and a camping area will be also available to discover rural life.
Among the products offered by Cap Bon: seasonal organic fruit and vegetables, grown using the permaculture technique; free range eggs; local spices.

Territorial culture and heritage / sea-land link


Haouaria – Tunisia


Project manager: ASPEN Association

Actors involved: ASPEN association, Municipality of Haouaria


The project aims to create a museum of artisanal fishing in Haoauria, a region known for its ancestral knowledge of tuna fishing. The vestiges of these practices and of the old boats are still present and the fishermen who practiced this technique still remember them today.
This museum will be a meeting place and a celebration point of Cape Bon's artisanal fishing and a place where visitors will go to discover the history of artisanal fishing and have the chance to exchange experiences with fishermen.

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