The overall general objective of ENSAMBLE project is to promote the development of blue economy in the Mediterranean through closer collaboration between the public and private maritime actors coordinated by the FLAG “Costa degli Etruschi” for the Tuscany Region (IT) – which includes in its partnership professional fishing associations, fishing and aquaculture small and medium-sized enterprises, Municipalities and fisheries Unions – together with an innovative cooperative based in the Mediterranean (Petra Patrimonia Corsica), an Italian environmental Association (Legambiente Toscana) and Tunisian environmental Association (WWF North Africa), as well as the support of the Tunisian Ministry of Transport.

The project aims to create a network between local communities of fishermen in Tunisia, France and Italy throughout a participatory methodology in order to facilitate the elaboration of a CLLD based strategy in some fishermen communities of North Africa, together with the exchange of best practices with Italy and France in which the CLLD approach has been already developed by local fishermen communities.

The local CLLD based strategy in the North Africa community will be primarily addressed to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and job diversification with the aim of increasing sustainable development of fishing and aquaculture local firms with particular attention to the role of women and young.

The project specific objectives are the following:

1) Set up a participatory process of private and public actors in order to elaborate a local development strategy taking into account the needs of local communities.

2) Facilitate the empowerment of local communities for the sustainable development of coastal area involved in the project, through an exchange of experiences and best practices with the FLAG “Costa degli Etruschi” in Italy and the FLAG in France (Corse) together with training activities addressed particular to fishermen, young people and women.

3) Transfer of knowledge and skills through twinning activities between North and WestMed coastal areas, included the exchange of experiences for the diversification of economic activities linked to fishing as an element for the sustainable development of the area.

4) Promote sustainable tourism through the enhancement of the local territory, environmental and cultural resources and traditions related to the sea and fishing with the involvement of local communities, young people and women and the creation of pilot projects

Start date: 01/01/2019

End date: 31/05/2021

The project is co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)

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