As part of the ENSAMBLE project, fishermen from Grosseto (Cooperativa San Leopoldo and Cooperativa Spidy), Viareggio (Cittadella della Pesca) and Elba Island have mobilized an initiative dedicated to the sighting of waste in the Tuscan sea.
Unfortunately, the materials encountered during this mission were varied and abundant: from masks to pieces of paper, from plastic cups to old abandoned nets, up to imposing metal elements dispersed in water for who knows how long. A sad booty capable of damaging not only the ecosystems and the species that inhabit them but also all those productive activities inextricably linked to the sea.

But why limit yourself only to observation and not to collection? Because currently, according to current legislation, fishermen who recover materials are considered as producers of special waste and, consequently, are burdened by the related disposal costs. And the situation will remain so until the SalvaMare law, under discussion in the Senate, is approved.

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