ENSAMBLE project, the sharing charter was signed: ecotourism, fishing tourism and ittitourism at the center of the action of local partners and institutions

The signing of the sharing protocol – set up to include fishermen and farmers in virtuous paths through the support of local authorities – represents an important milestone reached by ENSAMBLE, a European project that aims at promoting and developing the “Blue economy” in the Mediterranean through a close collaboration between public and private maritime actors, coordinated by the “Costa … Read More

FARNET’s position on the role of FLAGs in the coronavirus emergency

In response to the Coronavirus crisis FARNET sent a communication to FLAGs,  encouraging  them to collaborate and implement initiatives and proposals in to support of fishing and aquaculture, two sectors strongly affected by the ongoing emergency. In such a difficult moment, in fact, the value and solidarity of the network are fundamental in responding to local difficulties and provide valuable … Read More

New meeting with Tabarka’s stakeholders

The meeting organized on 27th august, in Tabarka – that followed the one held in June with the partners of the ENSAMBLE project – saw the participation of the Municipal Administration, the local police force, and some representatives of the tourism, maritime and fisheries sector, as well as, of course, WWF North Africa. Following the suggestions that emerged during the … Read More

New programming meeting in Propriano to plan autumn activities with local stakeholders

On 23th July, in Propriano, a meeting was held between the group of local Corse actors to plan the actions to implement in the coming months of the project, with the aim of respecting the following priorities: • Strengthening of the pescatourism • Ittitourism development • promotion of port heritage and fisheries • strengthening actions on land (agricultural and pastoral) … Read More

Presentation of the monitoring and evaluation protocol of Tabarka’s protected area

On 7th August 2019, a meeting took place in Tabarka with the group of local stakeholders – Municipal Administration, fishermen, diving centers, tourist and environmental authorities – to discuss the monitoring and evaluation protocol for the marine and coastal protected area of ​​Tabarka . In particular, the meeting was intented to inform the interested parties of the work carried out … Read More

Presentation of the ENSAMBLE project to the local actors from Valinco Sarttenais and Taravo

On 15 April, an ENSAMBLE presentation meeting was organized in Propriano (Corsica) to illustrate the objectives of the project and to involve the local actors from Val Sartenais Valinco Taravo, already operating in the framework of TourisMED project. The meeting also saw the participation of a Tunisian delegation, consisting of a representative of WWF North Africa and two delegates from … Read More

Launch meeting of ENSAMBLE project in Haouarya

On Friday 26 April, WWF North Africa – in collaboration with the Municipality of Haouarya – organized the first tunisian presentation meeting of ENSAMBLE project. The initiative – which, in addition to the Mayor of Haouarya, was attended by numerous subjects connected to the local fishing, agricultural and tourism sector – allowed to illustrate the objectives of ENSAMBLE and the … Read More

In-depth meeting about fishing-tourism in Italy with Flag North Sardinia and Stintino Municipality

The second phase of the working meeting between Petra Patrimonia and the Tunisian delegations of WWF North Africa and the city of Tabarka took place in Sardinia, on 17th and 18th April, and was attended by FLAG North Sardinia, National Park of Asinara island, Municipality of Stintino, Italian Corallari Divers Association, Confcooperative Sardinia, AGCI Pesca and by a couple of … Read More