Memorandum of understanding between WWF and the Interprofessional Group of Fisheries Producers

An important step has been achieved yesterday by the official signature of an MoU between WWF and the Interprofessional Group of fishery producers (GIPP), a public body in charge of market regulation, improving the quality and promoting exports in the fishing and aquaculture sector.
The agreement consists in enhancing the quality of fishery products from SSF and market chain at local level by:
  • access to the transformation unit and its facilities based in Tabarka (previously unused by fishers) ;
  • Better hygienic handling and access to ice ;
  • transformation of low value fish to avoid loss of income;
  • improvement of market access for artisanal fishing products;
This collaboration will insure more sustainability of WWF actions previously conducted with SSF in Tabarka but also pave the way for more initiatives focusing on SSF with other costal communities in Tunisia.

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