Let’s reduce the marine litter “ensamble” – contest for schools

The “marine litter” emergency has assumed globally alarming proportions, even touching our “small” Mediterranean Sea, which constitutes less than 1% of the “blue” surface of the Planet but which it is also the sixth waste accumulation area in the world, despite being one of the 25 hot spot of biodiversity,
The sources from which these materials come are different and not necessarily attributable to marine activities: about 80% of the residues found in the marine environment come from poor management of urban waste. To these we have to add the materials related to agricultural, fishing and aquaculture activities and those caused by a lack of purification.
How to solve the problem? The answer is by REDUCING, RE-USING, RECYCLING and DISPOSING OF waste in a correct way. These behaviors are the key to change, a change that must involve everyone, including US.

So… what are you waiting for? Let’s free the imagination and share good practices to reduce the marine litter!
Here you can find a video educational containing some examples of creative reuse proposed by Legambiente.

And you, what action do you plan to take with your class?
Tell us about it through this FORM and you will receive the digital edukit of the ENSAMBLE project as a gift.
Extended until May 20

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