Launch meeting of ENSAMBLE project in Haouarya

On Friday 26 April, WWF North Africa – in collaboration with the Municipality of Haouarya – organized the first tunisian presentation meeting of ENSAMBLE project.

The initiative – which, in addition to the Mayor of Haouarya, was attended by numerous subjects connected to the local fishing, agricultural and tourism sector – allowed to illustrate the objectives of ENSAMBLE and the characteristics of the CLLD approach (Community Led Local Development) promoted by the project.

During the meeting there were also the possibility to discuss some issues related to ecotourism, fishing tourism and fish diversification activities, and to collect opinions and suggestions from the participants through the compilation of a dedicated questionnaire

A constructive and successful event, considering partecipation and feedback , since it allowed to highlight the opportunities offered by the project and to lay the foundations for future collaborations between local stakeholders.

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