The FARNET report focusing on FLAG actions to increase biodiversity

A FARNET report highlighting the actions implemented by the FLAG to increase biodiversity was published last February.

The European Union aims to lead Europe on the path of ecological recovery by 2030 with a strategy for the protection of biodiversity that includes, among the key actions, the creation of protected areas and the restoration of degraded terrestrial and marine ecosystems in Europe.
To highlight the actions already taken by the FLAGs in this direction, the FARNET has therefore decided to produce a Case Study Report focusing on the activities of five realities: FLAG Calanques Islands (FR), FLAG Murcia (ES), FLAG Eastern Finland (FI), Mondego MAR FLAG (PT) and Morenka FLAG (PL).
A document drawn up with the aim of encouraging other FLAGs to prioritize this very important issue, to amplify our action and put a stop to the loss of biodiversity.

The report can be downloaded at the following link:

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